Birthday Party organizers in Bangalore

What all you need to plan for Birthday parties at home?  Below are some of the elements required for planning parties.

  1. Venue: It’s also very important to plan your venue or do your place where you are going to organise the event.  IF you have enough space at home, like bigger living rooms, hall, would be suitable for organising event and even you can make some seating arrangements for your guests to sit and roam around.

If you have some space at your lawn or front of you house you can hire small Tents ( Even water Proofs Tents) available now a days, you can set up small tents and plan you back drop , decoration under that. 

Note: Partyshikari has party rental options in Bangalore, if any requirement in and around bangalore you can contact us for tents, furniture, and other event materials on rental basis.

  • Decoration:  You can do it yourself or you can call Partyshikari Service team to take care of your decoration>

What we do when you outsource the Birthday party to us?  Our Balloons Decoration and theme packages are very ideal for you to select and confirm the order online, once the order is confirmed our team would communicate to you for further discussion to ensure we both are in same page. All deliverables are as per the booking order. If there is any changes to be done on balloons colours, addition and deletion of any elements will be done soon after the booking order and prior to the event. Event day same will be delivered as per the commitment and certain time even last-minute requests are taken and its totally depends on the situation.

You can book Helium Balloons online from website, and there is false information and mislead information shared in some of the media during some incidents happened in recent times. There are two different Gas which are sold in local market,

  • Hydrogen gas.
  • Helium gas.

Both gas will make your balloons to float in the air, Hydrogen gas is very dangerous and the cylinder will be painted in red.  Some of the vendors to make margin and sell cheap they sell hydrogen balloons and risk customers life.  Its always recommended to use Pure helium gas balloons for events and it will not catch fire when its exposed to fire. However, if hydrogen gas is used instead of helium and by mistake if its exposed to fire, then balloons will be exploded and catch fire.

So its better to understand the difference between helium and Hydrogen before you book gas balloons online.

First Time planning 1st Birthday party at home is Fun, Due to pandemic dynamics have been changed and there are less options to go out and organise parties due to pandemic.

  • Entertainment:  If you are calling few kids, and then defiantly you have to plan for some of the entertainment options for kids to keep them engaged till you go for cake cutting.

Some of the options can be fun games, if some one at your end can manage some games for kids then it would be ideal, so you don’t have to spend money on hiring MCs for your event. If you want to give your time for your guests and kids then you can hire professional mcs to organise some games for 1 to 1.5 hours.  By the time you complete all games you will have your 100 % guests at your place, that would be the right time to go for cake cutting. You can ask MCs to make announcements to make kids gather, near the tables, and make them be prepared for the cake cutting without rushing towards the cake tables. Also, it would be good you have small music system where in you can download some Happy birthday songs during the time of cake cutting.

Other entertainment options can be Magic show, Mimicry Artist, Juggler, Comedy Act, Ventriloquism, etc. All these are ideal when you have enough time, budget and guests for your birthday party.

Cake : Birthday Cake is one of major part of your event and you have to have proper cake delivery vendor to supply cakes on time. If you are planning event at home you can take delivery prior to the event and keep it in refrigerator. If event is at hotel then you can ask banquet person to keep the cakes in refrigerator till the guests arrives.

Snacks and Food: For small gathering you can order some pizzas, and snacks box from MC Donald’s. Even you can procure some eatables from your nearest backery, ex, samosa, French fries, donuts, puffs, chips, chocolates etc. 

If you can hire a vendor who can supply small qnty for your event would be ideal, you can order for pasta, sweets, sandwich, soft drinks, etc.

Return Gifts:   When you call kids and then defiantly you have to plan for return gifts. You can book gifts from online market place or source from your local nearest store. If you have enough time for your event you can go for online place to procure gifts.

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